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  ...something about me:

- born 02 may 1968 in Berlin;   currently living in Switzerland   (Zurich and Lugano) and married.   since 1975:
- training in painting studio in  East   Berlin "Otto Nagel Studio" in   Friedrichshain
- mainly acrylic and various   exhibitions
- 1987 vocational training in GDR   television;
- 1989 escape via Hungary to West   Germany.
  Videomixer and Director in   Television.
  Painting as a hobby for many   years, mainly acrylic, watercolour   and chinese ink painting,
  since 2008 in the painting studio in
  Zurich with Erwin Eggimann.
  Many workshops in
  Chinese ink painting
  with several chinese painters
  such as Boulin Hu, Henry Li,
  David Ma and Lilly Yuan

  Jean Reis